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Our Mission

NovaSphere’s mission is to engage with stakeholders and create solutions to climate change and sustainability, by:


  • encouraging and promoting cooperation and collaboration among the public and organizations;

  • gathering, creating and exchanging information with the public and organizations;

  • performing research, including developing and managing research projects; 

  • developing and managing conferences, symposia, meetings, exhibitions and events;

  • promoting the study of and providing training, support, development of governance and standards of practice and programmes.

Who we work with

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Who we work with
Work with us

Work with us

NovaSphere was established by seasoned sustainability professionals with expertise in strategy, governance innovation, transformational change, law and policy, technology solutions, capacity building and multi-stakeholder engagement.


NovaSphere has an established track record with international partners designing, implementing and managing innovative solutions for climate change and sustainability. NovaSphere is a nonprofit organization that is continuing to grow. If you are interested to work with NovaSphere, please click here to view our career opportunities.

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