Climate Chain Coalition







The Climate Chain Coalition (CCC) is an open global initiative to support collaboration among members and stakeholders to advance blockchain (distributed ledger technology) and related digital solutions (e.g. IoT, big data) to help mobilize climate finance and enhance MRV (measurement, reporting and verification) to scale climate actions for mitigation and adaptation. The CCC was launched during the One Planet Summit on December 12, 2017 in Paris, France (the 2nd anniversary of the Paris Agreement) by a multi-stakeholder group, which has over 230 organizations in over 50 countries as of December 2020.

Tom Baumann, Founder and CEO of NovaSphere, is Founder of the CCC and co-chairs the CCC with the UNFCCC. NovaSphere is the secretariat for the CCC. NovaSphere was established as a legal entity in May 2018 to serve as the CCC Secretariat. The World Bank sponsored the CCC’s first event during the Innovate4Climate conference in Frankfurt, May 2018.

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